Working remotely? Helpful info for our CADWorx & Analysis Customers

Due to recent government directives around the COVID-19 virus, the global workforce is – where possible – working from home.

Whether you are taking home a workstation or laptop with software installed, installing on a personal machine or remoting in, below are some recommendations to optimize working remotely with CADWorx & Analysis Solutions and ensure the least amount of disruption to your workflow.

The most challenging aspects of an at-home workflow are licensing and file access/sharing.

* Stand-alone (local) locks can be carried out of the office.
* Network HASP licenses are accessible remotely through VPN.
* SPLM licenses are accessible remotely through VPN.
* SPLM licenses can be checked out to a machine for offline or remote work.
* ISL licenses are accessible through any standard internet connection.
* ISL licenses can be checked out to a machine for offline or remote work.

File/Work Sharing
• VPN – can work well but is much more dependent on ISP/WAN performance than a local redundancy system like the cloud-based solutions below.
• Third-party cloud-based file shares like OneDrive or Dropbox.
• Hexagon’s own Bricsys 24/7 as not only file share but also an overall document management solution.

If you would like to have further discussions about leveraging our solutions for remote workflows, contact your salesperson or local technical expert.

For individual guidance and technical help in executing the above recommendations, please log a support ticket for the solution you are implementing remote utilization for at


Geoff Blumber
Geoff is a Technical Sales Manager in the BricsCAD, CADWorx & Analysis Solutions group at Hexagon PPM, aligning people and resources to deliver the right solutions to the right people at the right time. He has held varied positions in structural engineering and construction management over his career, although solution consulting direct field sales within the power and plant industries has been his primary focus the last ten years. He has a broad knowledge of CAE tools and workflows, steel fabrication and construction, and engineering practices in the AEC, process plant, and power industries. Geoff holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.

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