Accurate Visibility in Construction

There’s a revolution brewing in the world of construction.

Following a long history of cost overruns and schedule delays, the modern construction site is poised to exhibit the essence of efficiency. Bolstered by the principles of Construction 4.0, mammoth projects will soon develop into places of nimble transparency.

Automated equipment. Drones that collect sensor data. Performance data layered atop animated 3D models.

By embracing these progressive innovations, Hexagon PPM customers can reduce costs with augmented visibility on project plans. They will accelerate their ability to re-plan dynamically in response to real-world changes. And on a construction site, there will be changes.

Who wouldn’t want to better manage this complexity? With streamlined resources that are deployed based on smarter decisions, safety will be enhanced. Mountains of construction site data will evolve into mobile, actionable analytics.

Across our Procurement, Fabrication and Construction product family, we combine better estimating, detailed tracking of material and costs, and budget-driven purchasing to ensure “right price, right time, right place” on-site delivery of materials. It enables effective construction planning by identifying a continuous material status, such as purchasing, shipping, and arrival on-site dates.

Intergraph Smart® Construction provides real-time forecast, status, reservation, and visualization ofmaterials through built-in integration with Intergraph Smart Materials or client internal material management systems.

Learn more about these new-age products – along with a host of other PPM solutions that cover the breadth of construction facets – that bring together the owner, engineering, construction, supply chain, and project controls early on the project.


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