Addressing Engineering Construction Challenges Using Lean Principles to Manage and Monitor Projects

Hexagon PPM Presales | India

Construction planning involves the balancing of multiple forces of a project – quality, cost, schedule and procurement. These four forces must be in balance for a project to succeed. Large scale construction projects are extremely complex, requiring coordination of engineering, materials and labor to effectively manage the entire project within a budget and schedule.

Untimely design changes generate rework and can significantly increase the execution costs. Inaccurate and unreliable information on material availability can result in erroneous construction schedules that may cause additional execution inefficiencies.

The construction industry today is mainly driven by a manual work process and is hugely disconnected with engineering design, planning and procurement. There’s no provision to visualize the actual progress measurement in the 3D world. Every construction management team desires to manage project risk factors by having a proper framework for construction planning and providing construction planner tools which allow them to identify conflicts, while continuously reviewing and conducting what-if scenarios.

Hexagon PPM has been providing outcome-based solutions to its customers for 50 years, and now we offer a robust solution to address the challenges and meet the expectations of construction planners – Intergraph Smart Construction.

Smart Construction is a data-centric application that tightly integrates the rule-driven engineering data, project schedules, material availability and forecast. It enables construction planners to create work packages at different stages of construction. Construction stakeholders can review 3D models and fetch the relevant drawings and material data at any point in time.

The integrated system also includes an extensive change management process that notifies the construction planners about any design changes. It provides the stakeholders with capability to forecast material availability by connecting to a material management platform; 4D animation allows construction review sessions to include all the planned work that has been created by each foreman and construction leader.

Smart Construction is a proven solution that is being deployed for some of the largest oil & gas assets on multi-billion-dollar projects across the globe. Proven integration with Hexagon’s EcoSys enables it to provide a 5D platform where budget and actual cost data can be queried.

The construction industry has long struggled with the problems of largely manual and disconnected methodology affecting projects. Hexagon PPM’s Smart Construction ensures reduction of CAPEX by lowering costs, enhancing inter-disciplinary collaboration and increasing productivity.


 Praveen Kumar Nakkella
Praveen Kumar Nakkella has over 17 years of experience working in the mining and process industries and is the presales head for Hexagon PPM, India Business. He presented “Beyond Design: Smart Construction at EPC” at the Oil & Gas Conference 2019 (EPC 2019) held at Taj Lands End in Mumbai.

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