APAC Employee Nominated Recognition Awards 2020

On Tuesday 15th September 2020, we were pleased to announce this year’s winners of our APAC Employee Nominated Recognition Awards.

The Employee Nominated Recognition Awards program relies on employee to recognise and nominate individuals within the organisation who have gone above and beyond expectation to demonstrate outstanding performance or commitment towards their peers, our customers and/or to the business within one of the award categories;

  1. NEVER ABANDON A COLLEAGUE IN NEED AWARD – Nominate a colleague who jumped in and helped out at a critical time to ensure a positive outcome when a team or person was struggling
  2. CUSTOMER EXCELLENCE AWARD – Nominate a colleague who excelled with a customer’s requirement and was wildly successful with it (internal or external customers)
  3. INNOVATION AND PROCESS AWARD – Nominate a colleague who redesigned or built something new to ensure the organisation is in a better position for tomorrow
  4. HIGH PERFORMANCE AWARD – Nominate a colleague who consistently performs and delivers at the elite level
  5. EVERYONE SELLS AWARD – Nominate a colleague (non-sales) who identified a customer need or problem that turned into a sale for Hexagon PPM

Since launching in 2018, this employee led initiative has continued to grow from strength to strength. Over the short three-year period we’ve seen more than 150 employees nominated across Asia-Pacific, which is more than half of PPM’s APAC workforce! This further proves to us the value of this important program and acknowledges the wonderful work that our employees do every day. Furthermore, whilst we believe that being recognised by your manager is important, this initiative takes the recognition to the next level and guarantees that our people’s commitment is truly visible across the organisation.

Despite the recent Covid-19 unprecedented challenges we had an amazing response to this program this year, with a record-breaking number of 72 employees nominated by their peers across all five award categories.

As per previous years, an employee committee had the difficult task of evaluating all of the nominations in a blind evaluation process. The five winners will have best demonstrated success within their award category as well as exemplified achievements that aligned to our APAC business principles, mission and values.

This year’s winners will receive a $500 USD Visa gift card and a prestigious award trophy, as well as regional and global recognition. As we acknowledge all the 2020 winners for their excellent contributions, and above and beyond elite performance it encourages us all to further strive to excel in our roles each and every day.

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