“As Is” and Operational Twin are Now Here!

By Amr Eltablawi
Hexagon PPM Digital Transformation | Business Development 

Hexagon PPM has introduced the Confident Startup methodology to challenge the status quo of poor project performance and to combat delayed readiness to operate, disparate handover to operations, the burden on the back end of the schedule, the lack of visibility, and to mitigate confusion and startup uncertainty.

This single collaborative repository for all inspection checklists, test procedures, RFIs, MoC, and punch list field data capture acts as a commissioning control console for as-built in the latter stages of the project. In addition to powerful reporting and real-time KPI reporting thanks to PBI integration, yielding to pinpointing of any bottleneck, critical path, and delays, furthermore a clear custodian of the project step.

The digitized workforce can work efficiently in the field allowing workers to validate engineering information while inspecting equipment. This provides clear inventory and targets for contractors by unlocking communication barriers. A fully digital history of equipment, before the operations phase, ensures warranty compliance, improves efficient depreciation and management of assets at custody transfer dates.

Projects today are extremely complex. Engineering design systems are built to support complex design, globally distributed engineering workshare centers, multiple fabrication yards, hundreds of suppliers and thousands of construction workers.

A double down on productivity during startup!
Productivity and seamless transition of data does not end here. Hexagon PPM Confident Startup has gone beyond digital twin of physical assets to real-time operational twin, whereby information map, all documentations, isometrics, schematics, and all asset-related data could be pulled on-site during commissioning on mobile device on offline mode, and changes and modifications updates are pushed back to maintain updated and real-time ” as is”, accommodating all field changes to be reflected to the project database, providing seamless communication between field and engineering.

The new enhancement provides full integration with HxGN SDx and Smart P&ID via APIs, bringing significant productivity benefits to markup P&ID on-site and on mobile devices and seamlessly leveraging design and updated data during the commissioning phase.

Engineering can make changes on systemized colored P&IDs and is able now to push to the field personnel working on-site to make the physical changes on mobile devices. Physical modification, digital pictures, and P&IDs validated from site can be pushed back to engineering quality assurance digital certificates that the work has been executed. A new “as is” P&ID of the project database is populated in real-time, allowing commissioning, modification and commissioning requirement P&ID to be reflected on digital operational twin. Providing a dynamic environment for P&ID site changes.

This process was traditionally tedious and error-prone, where engineering would manually redline changes on manual P&IDs charts then handover to commissioning teams, who will, in turn, make the changes, mark up their version of P&ID, that will subsequently be approved by engineering and reprinted out as a later revision.

Now, thanks to full integration with systemized Smart P&ID and HxGN SDx, the changes are forwarded to site electronically and accessed by engineering electronically from the digital twin, color-marked electronically, saving time for Engineering, and to field personnel to have all the information under their figure tips on mobile devices, to execute changes, populate electronically, and submit for final approval by engineering. The benefits extend beyond this process, that revised drawings will be uploaded electronically to the digital twin, transforming the digital twin into a real-time operational twin for “as is”.

A breakthrough in information management supporting EPCs efforts to deliver the plant on time, yielding to seamless asset data and information transfer for handover to Owners to optimizing readiness to operate the plant, reliable and validated information, with updated and “as is” electronic package. Furthermore, real-time reporting of project milestones and completion activities and an up to date operational twin for Owner plant reliability, operation, and maintenance.


View Smart Completions and HxGN SDx integration

View Smart Completions and Smart P&ID integration

Amr Eltablawi
Amr Eltablawi works in business development for Hexagon PPM in its digital transformation efforts in the EMIA region. He lives in the Valencia area of Spain.

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