AspenTech, Hexagon PPM Collaborate to Transform Design Space

Hexagon PPM President Mattias Stenberg and AspenTech President/CEO Antonio Pietri Announce Closer Collaboration 


The relationship between Hexagon PPM and Aspen Technology – which spans more than two decades – is getting stronger.

Their newest collaboration is the first to market a fully digital design and engineering process with integrated economic evaluation; the AspenTech and Hexagon PPM software suites will align to help customers better manage the financial risks of complex projects, which is a major challenge today.

“We’ve been partners for 20 years, and we decided to take it one step further, deeper, tying it to integration and closer collaboration,” said Hexagon PPM President Mattias Stenberg. “It is driven in partly by the digitalization trend we are seeing in the industry.

“People don’t accept manual integration any more. It needs to be automated. We decided to invest more time and money to tie it together … in terms of R&D, joint marketing and engagement with customers.”

The goal is to automate work flows and data flows by digitizing across a project’s life cycle – design, construction, operations and maintenance.

“Based on our assessments and engagements with joint customers, we are confident there is potential to impact both project and operational efficiency,” he said. “Aligning project costs to decisions early in the design process reduces budget and schedule risk.”

This newest collaboration was announced earlier this month in Las Vegas at HxGN LIVE, a four-day conference that highlights the latest trends in groundbreaking information technologies designed to drive dynamic decision making across industrial and geospatial applications.

AspenTech President/CEO Antonio Pietri said this partnership brings together the “No. 1 companies” within their roles in the design space.

“It’s all about value, always,” Pietri said. “By digitizing these integration points between our products and Hexagon PPM’s, we will be able to eliminate inefficiencies that exist in the different hand-offs between functions in the designphase and eventually into operations and maintenance.”

The combined capabilities can accelerate digital transformation and enable deployment of best-in-class integrated solutions from two leading software providers.

Working together, AspenTech and Hexagon PPM can provide a more complete digital twin, inclusive of both the plant infrastructure and the chemical processes occurring within that physical infrastructure, to allow Operator to make better decisions that maximize throughput, quality and up-time.

AspenTech’s planning, scheduling and reliability software, coupled with the Hexagon PPM expertise for the detailed engineering phase of facility and plant design, will help Operator more easily leverage engineering models during operations, obtain the most from their investments and allow them to respond better to changing market conditions.

“This collaboration will allow customers the flexibility to choose solutions from market-leading providers across the full life cycle, from the design phase into the systems that operate and maintain a plant,” Pietri said. “Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) firms and owner-Operator will be able to accelerate their digital transformation with complete confidence, supported by best-in-class solutions.”

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