AW North Carolina Digitally Transforms 20-year-old Paper Processes

AW North Carolina, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of automatic transmissions and their components. AW North Carolina is a subsidiary of Aisin AW Co., Ltd., a major automatic transmission manufacturer located in Anjō, Japan.

Operations personnel were using inefficient and time-consuming paper documents for their Shift Handover: data collection was recorded on paper and transferred into spreadsheets. What was the outcome? Unnecessary double effort in entering data after the point of entry and a hurdle of having to search through a warehouse of the stored paper documents. The accuracy of the written information on paper was also inconsistent, difficult to distinguish, and often complete guesswork.

To address these issues, AW North Carolina augmented their production Human Machine Interface (HMI) with j5 Operations Management Solutions. Josh Humphrey, the Chief Information Technology Architect, stated: “Without j5 Operations Management Solutions, we would still be using inefficient paper documents for our human procedures. The digital combination of these human procedures in j5 Operations Management Solutions and the real-time data from our AVEVA Historian and MES Systems has really increased our data collection efficiency.”

AW North Carolina made the change and digitally transformed a 20-year-old paper process. They are currently utilizing j5 Operations Logbook, j5 Shift Handover, j5 Work Instructions, j5 Event Manager, j5 Mobility, and j5 Operator Rounds along with j5 IndustraForm® Templates at their plant in Durham, North Carolina.

j5 Operations Management Solutions help AW North Carolina save around 1 to 1.5 hours per day – time that was previously spent on creating manual Shift Handover reports on paper and spreadsheets. All the data is now recorded online at the point of entry, which eliminates the double work previously required at the end of a shift. A centralized platform for operations management procedures has ensured a consistent, visible, and accountable process.

Find out more about how AW North Carolina combined human procedures with real-time data by reading the full case study.


Victoria Singleton
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