Big Win at Asia Downstream Validates Hexagon PPM Course

We aim to be visionaries … a team who considers the struggles of tomorrow as well as the challenges of today when determining where to place Hexagon PPM’s research and development resources.

We are banking on digital transformation. And apparently, we are doing it right. We were just named a winner in the Best Innovative Technology for Improving Operational Efficiency category during the 11th Annual Asian Downstream Summit in Singapore. The summit is the largest downstream technology trade show in Asia with a special focus on technological innovations, Industry 4.0 and digital transformation in the oil and gas industry.

It’s always nice to win an award, but thisis more than that. It is confirmation that as we are looking to the future, we are viewing it in a way that will have a direct, monumental impact on the way our customers need to do business to drive excellence.

Selected by a prominent judging panel of industry executives and experts, the award recognizes top enterprising refiners and innovative solution providers across the downstream oil and gas sector for their commitment to a sustainable energy sector.

PPM Vice President Adrian Park was in Singapore to accept the honor. As he pointed out, technology is continually redefining the way we make decisions.

“It reveals new insights into the way facilities perform, provides us new, automated ways of executing work and removes the drudgery of manual tasks,” Adrian said. “It optimizes how work is performed with full auditable traceability.”

Specifically, this award recognizes the achievements of implementing HxGN SDx™ Projects to eliminate handover, a process that typically costs 2 to 4 percent of total investment.

The solution leverages on the digital twin environment to offer a secure, user-friendly platform for managing the submission of information, performing quality assurance reviews, communicating between project stakeholders and accessing project data. The key objectives are to improve project efficiency, reduce risk and improve quality.

We look forward to showing you how this technology can be transformational for your company.

 Mattias Stenberg
As Hexagon PPM President, Mattias Stenberg is responsible for the global strategic direction and overall business development of the company. He has an MBA in economics from Linköping University and a degree in computer sciences from Stockholm University, both in Sweden.


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