Building an Oil & Gas Digital Transformation Ecosystem: Download the Report

The Oil & Gas industry is abuzz with talk of digital transformation, but how do you actually achieve it?

Based on a survey of senior executives and extensive consultation with industry leaders, we are pleased to offer our new report: “How to Build an Oil & Gas Digital Transformation Ecosystem.”

Organizations operating in the global Oil & Gas industry can benefit from building an “ecosystem” of technology and business partners to deliver on the two essential elements of enterprise-wide digital transformation: the physical infrastructure, and management of people and processes.

The report explains that companies must adopt an ambitious digital transformation plan, but also encourages those with lower digital maturity to score some “quick wins” through incremental innovation tactics (e.g. enterprise mobility).

Download our report to find out…

  • What digital transformation really means for the Oil & Gas industry
  • The benefits and challenges (and howto overcome them)
  • How can you build a digital transformation ecosystem of partners to deliver not only the technology and infrastructure, but also help manage the people and process challenges
  • An example of how one construction company established its digital transformation strategy in under 90 days


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