Cadalyst Recognizes Growth Trajectory of Bricsys/Hexagon

Cadalyst Recognizes Growth, Trajectory of Bricsys/Hexagon
By Don Strimbu, Bricsys Vice President of Communications

I love it when industry experts take the time to write about the advantages that Bricsys products deliver in the competitive engineering design solutions market. It’s especially powerful when combined with our new place in the Hexagon family. This type of high-level exposure, combined with our superior products, helps customers understand that we’re all about real choice and solid business value.

Most recently, we enjoyed a great writeup by the staff at Cadalyst, a stalwart on-line resource that researches and evaluates design software and hardware technologies for the commercial market. Under the headline “Bricsys, Now Under Hexagon Umbrella, Continues to Challenge Autodesk,” the editorial team explores how the Bricsys/Hexagon combo has created a unique value proposition for AutoCAD® users – especially those pondering a move to Building Information Modelling (BIM).

As the article states, the obvious prospective BricsCAD® customer is a current AutoCAD® user:

“BricsCAD delivers high AutoCAD compatibility because it has DWG 2018 at its core. Bricsys is a founding member of the Open Design Alliance (ODA) and our developers work daily with the ODA to help develop a stronger DWG platform for all alliance members. The ODA drawing libraries reduce our compatibility burden by providing comprehensive DWG file I/O. This lets Bricsys developers focus on new features, functions, and workflows without having to worry about data compatibility.”

The story also acknowledges that, while the acquisition isn’t yet a year old, there are some early synergies that have been discovered between Bricsys and its sister companies, with a lot more to come.

“With the parts that are already in place, however, BricsCAD (and BricsCAD BIM) represent a real opportunity for Hexagon’s AEC market success. Strimbu said to expect a growing synergy for BricsCAD within Hexagon itself, with new opportunities with some of its sister divisions, and perhaps new forays into other vertical markets.”

The article provides a solid and thoughtful review of what Bricsys products bring to the BIM/AEC industry today. You can read the whole story here.



Don Strimbu
Don Strimbu is Vice President of Communications at Bricsys. He has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Purdue University. He lives in California, USA. Contact him on LinkedIn, 


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