CADWorx® & Analysis Benelux supporting better plant design with two new partners!

CADSens - Ludo

Ludo Loomans

PVV - Willem

Willem Bazuin
PPV Engineering

We are happy to announce exciting news for the Benelux region – CADWorx & Analysis now has two new partners: PPV Engineering in the Netherlands and CADSenS (C.O.O.N. BVBA) in Belgium.

Insider Blog had a chance to talk with Ludo Loomans from CADSenS and Willem Bazuin from PPV Engineering for a quick Q&A about the partnership.

Insider Blog: Hi Ludo! Could you tell us a bit more about CADSenS?
CADSenS is a Bricsys® partner for more than three years in Belgium, and this year we have added CADWorx in our portfolio. We help our clients to generate more intelligent CAD models with 33+ years’ experience in the industry.

Insider Blog: What would you expect from the partnership with Hexagon PPM?
Together with Hexagon PPM, we want to support the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical companies in Belgium to work in an easier and smarter way. CADWorx’s capability to work with both AutoCAD and BricsCAD engines will be useful for many of our clients. We can offer an affordable solution to answer the growing demand of more intelligent drawings and models.

Insider Blog: Hi Willem – could you tell us about PPV Engineering?
PPV Engineering is an engineering and calculation company, and we also support our clients in construction and project management.

Insider Blog: What would you expect from the partnership with Hexagon PPM?
We have been using Hexagon PPM’s stress analysis software for more than 20 years already, and we’ve recently added CADWorx to our solution portfolio. CADWorx software is an easy and efficient tool to use, both for us and our clients. Together with Hexagon PPM, we can support our clients even better throughout their projects, and improve 3D design efficiency.

To learn more about CADWorx & Analysis solutions in the Benelux region, please visit our website here.



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