CADWorx Webinar: Improvements with Catalogue Development and Spec Editing

Trefor Hay (100x100)
with Trefor Hay, Plant Design Solutions

Date: November 20, 2014
Time: 10:00AM CT  click here for your local time
Duration: 30 min
Cost: free eSeminar

View the recorded webinar here

During this webinar presented by Plant Design Solutions, attendees will get a live look into the enhancements made within the spec editor in CADWorx 2015.

For the EPC’s working with CADWorx 2015 Specification Editor, facilitating the spec creation process will encourage more designers to work on same platform, and provide better drawing and reporting consistency. In addition, CADWorx administrators will benefit from the ability to modify specs and meet the needs of different client’s drawing standards and Isometric requirements.

OO’s working with CADWorx 2015 Spec Editor will quantify the creation of project specifications early in design and project management stages. While allowing for flexibility with consultant recommendations, the ability to easily modify specs will keep projects moving forward, not stalling for admin updates.

Join us and discover how to make use of these enhancements to standardize design teams and keep projects on schedule, while reducing hours allocated for clean-up and document control.

Speaker Bio:

Trefor Hay joined Plant Design Solutions in June 2013. He provides CADWorx technical support & training, along with Hexagon product licensing support. An expert in the CADWorx catalog and specifications editor, Trefor provides spec building and consulting for Plant Design Solutions. Client service and catering to specific user needs have been fundamental parts of Trefor’s work at Plant Design Solutions.

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