CAESAR II Webinar: Alternate Sustained Case


with Richard Ay, Hexagon

Date: November 4, 2015
Time: 11:00PM CT  
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Alternate Sustained Case

With the publication of B31.3 2014, the code now requires that the sustained stresses be evaluated in all conditions of the piping system, so that the maximum sustained stress at each node can be used in the determination of the allowable stress for the expansion load case(s).

This webinar, “The CAESAR II Alternate Sustained Case,” will investigate how varying conditions (operating cases) of the piping system can lead to different sustained stresses. Discussion will follow on how non-linear boundary condition behavior causes these different sustained states, and how CAESAR II can automate the evaluation of all such states without requiring the user to manually adjust the piping model.

About the speaker

Richard Ay is a registered professional engineer who serves as the CTO for analysis products and oversees the development of plant engineering products. In 1985, at the request of Tony Paulin, one of the founders of COADE, Richard joined the company, which later became part of Hexagon. He has worked on the development of CAESAR II, TANK, product licensing, QA, technical support procedures, and technical presentations. Richard has previous experience at a major EPC firm and an offshore consulting firm. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Ocean Engineering and a master’s degree in Civil Engineering. Richard is a member of ASCE and ASME.

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