CAESAR II Webinar: API 610 – Super-Charging Your Equipment Analysis


with Richard Ay, P.E., Vice President

Date: December 7, 2017
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: None

View the recorded webinar here

Come experience a new way of analyzing API-610 pumps! We asked you what you wanted, and our response is here – a redesigned API-610 Equipment module!

Learn more about the API 610 Equipment redesign in CAESAR II 2018 (v 10.0), featuring easier input, a flexible interface, more powerful load condition associations, and enhanced reporting.

Explore the new architecture with a discussion on CAESAR II’s enhanced benefits and how they relate to architecture. Discover the new interface along with a detailed explanation of how the interface works.

Check out a live demo that illustrates the new capabilities and suggested workflow. And, learn what’s coming soon with a glance at future equipment analysis improvements.

Speaker bio:
Richard Ay is a registered professional engineer who serves as the vice president for analysis products. In 1985, at the request of Tony Paulin, one of the founders of COADE, Ay joined the company, which later became part of Intergraph. He has worked on the development of CAESAR II, TANK, product licensing, QA, technical support procedures, and technical presentations. Ay has previous experience at a major EPC firm and an offshore consulting firm. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Ocean Engineering and a master’s degree in Civil Engineering. Ay is a member of ASCE and ASME.
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