CAESAR II Webinar: CAESAR II 2018 Includes B31J-2017 Equations

Tony Paulin

with Tony Paulin, P.E., President, Paulin Research Group

Date: September 6, 2017
Duration: 70 min
Cost: free eSeminar

View the recorded webinar here

ASME Publishes Long-Anticipated Corrections to 50-Year-Old SIF Equations

For the first time in more than half a century, a new set of stress intensification and flexibility factors has been recognized by ASME for piping flexibility analysis. These B31J calculations are included in CAESAR II 2018, with no additional licensing required!

Tony Paulin, contributor of the recently published standard, will introduce the new equations and demonstrate how to effectively use them in CAESAR II and FEATools.

Paulin will discuss the differences between the old and new code equations and what pipe stress engineers should expect. He will also show some examples. (There is more good news than bad news – the new equations are expected to reduce the cost of most piping systems by eliminating unnecessary over-conservatism.)

The new code equations and guidance, which Hexagon and PRG call B31J “Essentials,” is now available to all CAESAR II users at no extra charge in CAESAR II 2018, Version 10.0.

In addition, Tony will demonstrate a new free software tool also included with CAESAR II Version 10.0, which is designed to help users resolve CAESAR II piping loads described in B31.3 Para 301.5. The easy-to-use B31 BOS “Essentials” tool solves the fluid-structure interaction problem in the frequency domain. Displacements, Reaction Loads, and Stresses are computed after a single mouse-click.

Speaker bio:

Tony Paulin has dedicated his life to creating and helping engineers apply the best and most advanced technology to the fields of piping and pressure vessel design and analysis. In 1991 he founded Paulin Research Group (PRG) to develop FEA-based software programs for use in the PV&P sector. Under Tony Paulin’s direction, PRG performs consulting, training, and physical lab testing to confirm both the software’s accuracy and usability. He regularly presents papers and findings at industry seminars and conferences.

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