CAESAR II Webinar: Stress Analysis & Flexibility Corrections

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with Tony Paulin, Paulin Research Group

Date: June 30, 2016
Duration: 1 hour
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Stress Analysis & Flexibility Corrections for Branch Connections, Bends, Heat Exchangers, Vessels, and Pipe Shoes

A number of issues related to SIFs and flexibility factors have been addressed and can have a significant impact on the appropriate analysis of supports, rotating equipment, and stresses in tees and bends. This webinar will highlight those issues and provide examples of how various components can interact.

About the Speaker:

Tony Paulin has dedicated his life to creating and helping engineers apply the best and most advanced technology to the fields of piping and pressure vessel design and analysis. In 1991 he founded Paulin Research Group (PRG) to develop FEA-based software programs for use in the PV&P sector. Under Tony Paulin’s direction, PRG performs consulting, training, and physical lab testing to confirm both the software’s accuracy and usability.  He regularly presents papers and findings at industry seminars and conferences.

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