CAESAR II Webinar: Support Tags


with Chris Bradshaw, Business Development Analyst, Hexagon PPM

Steve_Gillott - web

and Steve Gillott, Sales Director, Hexagon PPM

Date: November 8, 2017
Duration: 60 min
Cost: free eSeminar

View the recorded webinar here

During the design phase of a project, many companies allocate identifiers to the many support types required on piping systems. It is often a requirement that these support/hanger identifiers are recognized by or added to the pipe stress analysis model and maintained to the deliverables stage. CAESAR II 2018 includes this highly-requested support identifier capability.

Join us for this CAESAR II webinar to learn how to create support tags during design, and how CAESAR II carries the identifiers through to output. If required, engineers can also add support tags during stress analysis.

What is the purpose of the webinar?

To illustrate how CAESAR II recognizes support tags and unique identifiers added during 3D design and includes them within PCF data, and imports the tags into the software with many other attributes. Learn how you can add this data also at the engineering stage, rather than design.

What is the value of this information?

For piping systems which require stress analysis (e.g., critical systems), unique identifiers associated with pipe supports and hangers are often lost at the deliverables stage because stress analysis software does not inherently require it. Adding the data later is time-consuming and costly to the project. Therefore, carrying tags through the design/engineering process improves project efficiency.

What will the webinar show?

  • The inclusion of support identifier information within a fully populated PCF
  • How the information is imported and displayed within CAESAR II
  • How PCFs, using mapping files, provide a complete solution and eliminate the need for engineers to spend time re-creating existing data
  • The export of support information from CAESAR II
  • The display of support identifier information within deliverables

Who should attend?

Managers, CAE Specialists, Mechanical and Piping Engineers and power users from companies active in the following industries: Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Power (Nuclear and Non-Nuclear) and any industry where piping system support information needs to be carried through the design-engineering workflow.

Speaker bios:

Chris Bradshaw is a Business Development Specialist for CADWorx & Analysis solutions in Europe, and is responsible for the development of existing accounts and for generating new business. He has worked with CADWorx, and the analysis solutions CAESAR II and PV Elite since 2004, and was previously an Application Engineer responsible for providing pre- and post-sales technical support, customization, implementation services and product training, helping clients get the best out of the entire CADWorx suite.

Steve Gillott is the European Sales Director for CADWorx & Analysis Solutions with a background in Pipe Stress Analysis. With over 30 years’ experience within the industry as an analyst, sales manager, pre-sales presenter, support engineer, trainer and business development he is able to tap into a large knowledge base. He holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA.

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