CAESAR II Webinar: Waterhammer Evaluation

Jim Wilcox

with Jim Wilcox, P.Eng., President of CodeCAD Inc.

Date: March 23, 2017
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
Cost: free eSeminar

View the recorded webinar here

Sudden changes in flow in piping systems cause pressure fluctuations and unbalanced forces, particularly between changes in direction, such as at elbow pairs. But, these also occur at changes in area, such as valves, reducers, and other inline components.

It is not uncommon for these forces to cause damage when a system is not properly designed to accommodate them. This can result in failed supports, overloaded equipment, large displacements, and sometimes component failures.

Predicting these loads by hand can sometimes be impossible (or at least impractical), so engineers typically use software to predict the magnitude, direction, and variation of these loads over time.  Once you establish the loading profiles, you must then predict how these loads will affect your piping system.

Watch this webinar recording to learn how you can generate the required force-time data using AFT Impulse transient analysis software. See a demonstration of how you can use the force-time data in CAESAR II to predict the system response using spectral and time-history analyses.

Speaker Bio

Based in Calgary, Canada, Jim Wilcox is president of CodeCAD Inc., a Global Network Partner for CADWorx & Analysis Solutions, and Canadian dealer for Applied Flow Technology (AFT), Paulin Research Group, and Leica Geosystems. Jim is a mechanical engineer and has instructed CAESAR II pipe stress seminars since 1990 in South America, Asia, Canada, and the US.

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