CAESAR II Webinar: What’s New in CAESAR II 2017

Stephanie Donovan

with Stephanie Donovan, CADWorx & Analysis Solutions

Date: Tuesday, August 23
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: free eSeminar

View the recorded webinar here

CAESAR II 2017 is your ticket to faster modeling and safe and accurate pipe system analysis. Version 9.0 is jam-packed with highly anticipated features to the software.

Attend this webinar to learn what is new, and why now is the time to purchase or upgrade to CAESAR II 2017.

Learn more about a variety of CAESAR II features, including:

  • A large-scale B31.4 code update for liquid pipelines, including the ability to override the automatic CAESAR II Determines option and specify the restrained/unrestrained state of the pipe elements.
  • Updates to support the latest piping code and equipment standards for B31.1, B31.5, Canadian Z662, and API 560.
  • Support for creep conditions in piping based on EN-13480 guidelines, including an expanded material database with new material properties for load durations of 200,000 hours.
  • Custom nozzle stiffnesses in piping input, so you can add nozzle flexibility data from external sources (hand calculations, third-party finite element analysis). Additional improved interfaces for the existing nozzle standard inputs.
  • 3D model enhancements, such as new arrows for displacements, rotations, forces, and moments; a new symbol for zero-length expansion joints; improved display of Axial Stop symbols outside of piping; and improved node number display when rotating and viewing the model.
  • Free and fixed displacement information now available in piping input.
  • Right-click menu improvements, including the ability to break and insert restraints all from one dialog, as well as specify location based on element data.
  • Focused improvements to the PCF interface, MDB export, and the Static Load Case Editor.
Join us for this product webinar and learn about the benefits available with the latest version of CAESAR II — the established industry standard in pipe stress analysis.

About the Speaker:

Stephanie Donovan brings more than 20 years of communications and software industry experience to CADWorx & Analysis Solutions product management. Stephanie began at Intergraph in 2012 working in product documentation and served as an Agile Scrum Master for the CAESAR II team. Most recently, she has turned her sharp end-user focus to gathering product requests from clients serving as the product owner for CAESAR II. With a solid focus on delivering what customers need, Stephanie uses her strong project management skills and clear understanding of user experience and scheduling to ensure the CAESAR II team delivers successful product releases.

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