China HQC Designs World’s Largest Indirect Coal Liquefaction Facility With CAESAR II


Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group chose China HQC to design a coal indirect liquefaction processing facility located in the Ningdong Energy Chemical Base in Yinchuan, China.

The largest indirect coal liquefaction construction project in the world, it covers about 728.75 hectares (2.8 square miles) and required an investment of US$10 billion.

CAESAR II was used to design 13,450 process pipelines and 2,400 pieces of equipment. With CAESAR II, the team produced isometric drawings, performed static and dynamic analyses, analyzed stresses on all pipe and related components, and produced the required deliverables with efficiency, quality, and accuracy.

China HQC received the 2016 CAESAR II Drivers of Success Award for its use of the software.

Read the case study.

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