Complex 3D Model Reviews Have Never Been Easier

Highly anticipated Intergraph Smart Review release offers powerful integration capabilities to HxGN SDx 

Hexagon PPM Visualization Product Owner

Hexagon’s problem-solving 3D visualization tool, Intergraph Smart Review, is releasing its new highly anticipated 2020 version. This strengthens the Hexagon portfolio with integration into HxGN SDx.

The new release is packed with features that save cost and improve usability. Complex model reviews have never been easier or more efficient, as this release gives the user cost-savings tools and features that are necessary in today’s shift toward digital transformation. Users will benefit from new features such as improved performance, a fresh user experience, 2D/3D document navigation, object file support, HxGN SDx/SmartPlant Foundation integration and more.

Watch video here for an overview on the new release.

Smart Review navigation is now four times faster and offers large model support of up to 40 gigabytes. Take advantage of real-time photorealistic effects such as reflective phong shading that applies a reflective effect to objects in your model, which enhances the model’s realism.

Gone are the days of design reviewers having to worry about having the latest model, properties and documents. Smart Review 2020 gives the user the full power of connectivity and integration with SDx and SPF. The SDx/SPF Web client can now launch Smart Review from an object-tag or document selection, gives the users a quick and easy way to open and conduct design reviews without the need to manage files on local hardware. All graphics, properties, and documents are streamed from the web client to Smart Review.

Watch video here of SDx and SPF.

Combining mesh and OBJ data to your CAD data in Smart Review session has been made easy with a simple import option. This gives users the ability to compare their reality data to their CAD data to ensure their digital and physical model match.

Associating documents and drawings in a 3D model can be long and strenuous; however, Smart Review has now automated the process so that the user can auto-attach hundreds of documents and drawings (PIDs, Isometrics and Orthros) to their CAD model objects in a matter of seconds.

Watch video here about Auto-Attach documents/drawings.

• The user now has tablet mode navigational UI that gives the user the ability to move about a model more easily by giving options like walking mode, 2D mode and a rotational compass.
• 2D documents and 3D CAD has been synced so that whenever a 2D drawing is open and the user selects on a 3D object, it will highlight the relative object in 2D, allowing the design reviewer to quickly decipher and navigate 2D drawings.
• Tablet mode clipping functionality has been improved to make its functionality more intuitive and easier to use. When clipping is invoked, a subset of commands will appear giving the user the ability to invert clipping planes, delete clipping planes, hide clipping planes, and reset clipping planes.


Join our webinar, “What’s New In Intergraph Smart Review,” on Wednesday, Jan.8, 2020, to learn more about this highly anticipated release. Register now!

Ben Webster, headshot 

Ben Webster 

Presenting this webinar will be Ben Webster, an associate product owner located in Huntsville, Alabama, USA. He helps manage product features, backlogs and releases in the 3D visualization groups. He began as an intern at Hexagon PPM and transitioned to a full-time employee in March 2019.

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