Delivering a More Personal, Immersive Customer Experience

By Glenn Boyko  
Hexagon PPM Director Strategic Partnerships & Alliances 

To enhance our support of owner operator customers, Hexagon PPM is developing an alignment program with companies who can advance even more seamless innovation. Digital transformation in process plants and other industrial assets is poised to create unprecedented efficiency and return on investment. Concurrently, it exerts pressure on our customers to evolve their business processes.

We welcome ReVisionz to the Hexagon Partner community. They will bring over 19 years of experience in Hexagon solutions and the O&M space to deliver a more personal, immersive experience to our customers as they digitally transform their assets.

We’ve always encouraged our customers to view this journey as a steady, incremental process rather than an all-or-nothing deep dive, and our arrangement withReVisionz and reinforces that philosophy.

Gary Gandza, ReVisionz President: ReVisionz has a long-standing history of developing and leading delivering Corporate Asset Information Management programs that support an Owner Operator’s Digital Transformation and Operational Excellence Initiatives. The Hexagon Partner Program will provide us with greater capabilities to address the technical scopes of the programs we implement for our PPM clients.

Brad Broughton, Hexagon PPM Vice President U.S. Sales – Digital transformation is a reality, and owners Operator are determining the pace and scope of their journey. Combining ReVisionz business process knowledge and digital solutions expertise with Hexagon solutions will help each customer achieve real business value in operations and maintenance.

About Revisionz: ReVisionz is a management consulting and services company focused on leveraging the power of digital technologies to improve quality and accessibility of asset information to foster better decision making across the engineering, procurement, construction, handover, operations and asset sustainment. The net result is lower capital costs, smoother commissioning and startups, faster production ramp up, higher plant uptime, and lower operating costs. Owner Operator are looking to digital technologies to create sustainable competitive advantage in the way they execute capital projects and sustain their physical assets. ReVisionz works with clients to adopt fit for purpose solutions that can turn their digital strategies into reality.


Glenn Boyko
Glenn Boyko joined Hexagon PPMin January 2018, following the company’s acquisition of Industrial Business Services, where he worked as Business Development Director for the . He currently serves as the Director of Strategic Partnerships & Alliances for PPM,overseeing long-range corporate and business partner initiatives. He lives in British Columbia, Canada. Contact him on LinkedIn, 


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