Digital Transformation at Wintershall Nordzee with HxGN SDx Operations


Wintershall Nordzee is an oil and gas company that finds and produces gas as well as builds and decommissions platforms. It is wholly owned by BASF and headquartered in Germany with offices in Norway, Holland, Libya, Argentina and Brazil.

Danny van der Krogt is Wintershall Nordzee ‘s team leader of process engineering, and he recommended his company try HxGN SDx Operations, “which I was told was Fusion in the cloud.” He said it was an inexpensive “no-brainer.”

“The biggest advantage of using this software throughout the company is the time constraint,” he said. “Time is money, and if we need less time searching for documents, we can use that spare time for other things.

“It’s my beliefthat we can earn about 20 percent of our time by spending it on other things. It’s more than a few hundred thousand Euros per year that you can save by using this software.”

Watch the video here.

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