Digitalizing the Pharmaceutical Industry

According to a recent study by Accenture, digitalization will be fueling almost one-third of the growth and an estimated 40% of the profitability in the pharmaceutical market by 2020. In this blog series, we will explore the key digitalization areas that will particularly benefit the pharmaceutical industry, starting with mobility.

Mobility, mobility, mobility

Often enough, a true data disconnect exists within pharmaceutical facility operations. Front-line workers lack the mobile access to real-time facility data which makes them slow to respond to requests, while a lot of time is wasted on finding and validating information.

The personnel of a pharmaceutical facility need to have up-to-date plant information available for inspections, operations & maintenance work around the plant. If a mobile information management solution is not available, personnel need to carry documents, manuals and procedure information around the plant – something that will surely end up creating multiple different versions of documentation and siloed information.

Working in a paper-based environment hinders efficiency and exposes the plant documentation to more manual errors, making version control increasingly difficult.

To overcome this, pharmaceutical facility owners can provide employees with the latest technology to create a true connected worker experience. With smartphones, tablets and hands-free helmets, the plant personnel can take data with them for a plant walkthrough,and always have the necessary data available and interact with it. They can move around the plant safer and faster, making repetitive time-consuming tasks such as instrument calibration, quicker and more efficient.

So, how canwe make this happen in real-life? By creating the Digital Twin, a digital representation of the physical facility, where all the facility information can be accessed anywhere, anytime. The pharmaceutical plant personnel can spare enormous amounts of time in locating information, as they now have all the necessary information available on one single place that exchanges data with a single information source, your Digital Twin. This will not only improve employees’ performance, but also the overall trust and reliability the plant personnel have towards executing their tasks.

Just imagine your work orders being planned using inputs directly from your computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), enterprise resource management (ERP) or document management (DM) systems, all integrated and available on their mobile device! Access to safety & best practices is secured by the correct and safe information provided when you need it, where you need it. Say hello to the future with no more work orders incomplete due to a lack of information! No more carrying papers around the facility!

Curious to learn more about digitalizing pharmaceutical facilities? How to make all your necessary plant information available in a mobile environment? Join our upcoming free webinar, Unlock the Potential of Digital Transformation, on February 13th, 11.00 CET to learn more!

Mauricio Fernandesis a consultant at Hexagon PPM who is passionate about digital solutions that bring traditional work processes to a digital era. An expert in facilitating digital transformations to pharmaceutical companies, he has 8+ years of experience in digitalizing asset information for process industries and is a true ambassador of the digital twin technology.   

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