Digitally Transforming the Building Industry at the buildingSMART Congress

Adrian Park is the vice president of business development for Hexagon PPM ’s information management solutions. He will give a keynote speech at the buildingSMART Congress on the topic: “Insights from the Process Industry.” This blog post features a sneak peek of Adrian’s presentation.

Technology Advancements Driving Digitalization

The maturing and convergence of technologies are enabling radical changes to the way work is performed on process facilities: artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented connectivity, mobility, image and video analytics, visualization, robotics and drones, edge computing and many more.

Whilst the process industries have not been in the vanguard of digital transformation, they are now prioritizing digitization efforts which are seen as essential for their long-term profitability and survival.  Executive management and shareholders alike have high expectations of the benefits to be gained from digital transformation and operating facilities digitally.


The Cornerstone for Digital Transformation: the Digital Twin

A cornerstone for the successful implementation of digital work processes and the digital transformation of industrial facilities is a high-quality description of the facility design and configuration and associated information, the “digital twin.” How can this be provided for legacy facilities that are 10 to 20 years old or even older? How can process facility owners ensure that new facilities and extensions to legacy facilities are delivered with a high-quality digital twin that meets their needs for digital operations?

Adrian’s presentation will look at digitization trends seen in the process industries and the state-of-the-art processes that are used to ensure capturing the digital twin. The presentation will also examine the benefits of having a single, centralized platform to exchange information that can be used to incrementally build the digital twin during a project. Once the digital twin is established, how can it be leveraged across the operations enterprise IT landscape and provided to front line connected workers through mobile solutions? How do these technologies lead to improvements in operations safety, efficiency and predictability while truly transforming project and operations performance in the process industries?

The presentation will also discuss how the learnings from the process industry can be used to facilitate digitally transforming the building business processes. This includes the importance of building a high-quality digital twin from day one of a project and providing a common data-centric collaboration platform, while verifying information against business rules as it is submitted. The importance of the connected worker being able to access up to date, trustworthy information and the role of visualization to communicate accurate work processes to avoid errors and rework will all be emphasized.

Join us in Oslo at Radisson Blu Scandinavia for the buildingSMART Norway 2019 to learn more about how digital technologies are shaping change for the building industry.

Adrian Park, VP of Information Management Global Business Development, Hexagon PPM

Adrian Park has 30+ years’ experience working in the process industries, and he’s the Vice President Hexagon PPM for Owner Operator Business Development for the region. 

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