Employer of Choice: Three Years Running for Hexagon PPM in Australia


Hexagon PPM does it again in Australia!

For the third consecutive year, PPM has been named an Employer of Choice (EOC) in The Australian Business Awards.

The EOC recognizes companies that maximize the full potential of their workforce via employee recruitment, engagement, and retention.

“Innovative human resource management practices play an increasingly important role in sustaining leading edge competitiveness for organizations in times of rapid change and increased competition,” said Australian Business Awards program director, Tara Johnston.

In this video, David Cryer – now VP/global CMO for PPM and former marketing director for PPM’s Asia Pacific region – explains why he recommends seeking a career with PPM Asia Pacific: “This is a great place to work. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here. This is a place where you can really further your career.”

To learnmore about career opportunities in PPM’s Asia Pacific region, go here; to discover what PPM has to offer in The and the Europe-Middle East-India-Africa regions, go here.

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