Enable and Empower Connected Workers Across Your Operations: Hexagon Connected Worker Solution

The market disruptions, increasing complexity, emerging technologies, regulatory changes and new supply-demand dynamics of organizations mean that many organizations are increasingly focused on driving operational excellence – to improve the availability, flexibility and efficiency of their plants.

This pandemic has further stimulated the need for digitalization, creating new protocols for operations and maintenance of companies across the globe and creating new industrial procedures for companies to explore. Optimizing Operations is critical in these times of change.

The challenge for operating a plant is to ensure that best practices are applied across all shifts, and lessons learned are effectively shared. A further challenge is that successful operational excellence initiatives rely upon cooperation and transparency across all work teams and departments– something that may need cultural transformation and breaking down traditional departmental and technological silos as people, processes, and technology are the underpinnings of operational excellence initiative.

The increasing cost of complying with environmental, labor, and other regulations is creating additional operational complexity and straining operating margins. Digital solutions are required to support and facilitate this transition. The transition will involve data visibility, ensuring that crucial regulatory data can be easily collectible, accurate, and visible in real-time to ensure cost-effective compliance.

Digitized processes made available through wearables (headsets), which provide instant enforcement of training procedures and best practices, are one way. Hazard recording and notification apps facilitate more accurate and timely reporting.

A Forbes study states that “Employee mobility leads to 30% better processes and 23% more productivity – and 100% more satisfied employees.” Also, many organizations realized that they could increase their OPEX cost savings of around 7% to 8% and reduce time on non-value-added tasks by 15% to increase tool time, eliminate rework and respond faster.

Hexagon PPM division’s Connected Worker strategy enables organizations to address existing issues while providing a foundation for mitigating future challenges. It not only empowers the employee with wearables, but also allows them to exploit the data produced through these devices. This allows them to carry out their jobs more efficiently and in a safe manner. Connected workers with access to the right information at the right time can make more informed and proactive decisions, which in turn improves productivity and reduces costs.

Studies done on the benefits of the Connected worker approach show an average drop in costs by 7% to 8%. These are mainly realized by leading indicators such as reduced re-work, reduced time to complete specific jobs, improved compliance, increased tool time, reduced data entry and paperwork.

The main technology that drives Hexagon’s Connected worker is Hexagon’s Xalt | Mobility, which provides an enterprise mobility platform that enables the rapid development and configuration of custom mobile business apps. It is an end-to-end solution that securely connects to a wide variety of both legacy and modern data sources, orchestrates data from these sources and provides end-users with a unified and customized mobile experience. Apps are configured once and instantly work (natively) on all Android and iOS devices, as well as any web browser. It can read and write data to all back-end systems while enforcing any existing business logic, thus reshaping and digitally transforming business processes. It also integrates with the back-end systems to provide real-time read and write access to critical business indicators. It can blend information across disparate systems, enabling knowledge workers to access all pertinent information on a single screen.

Every application built with Xalt | Mobility will have air-tight enterprise-grade security with data encryption, role level security and a full audit trail. It can modernize current work processes today while providing a foundation to easily enable, extend, enhance and adapt to current or future business processes.

Hexagon’s PPM division has a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions to mobilize plant floor processes. Utilizing Hexagon’s Xalt | Mobility Platform, organizations can now digitize current and future processes, helping to drive productivity, predictability, and compliance.

To know more about Hexagon’s Connected Worker solution please click here, or write to us as info.india.ppm@hexagon.com.


Praveen Nakkella
A versatile professional with 17+ years of experience, Praveen joined Hexagon in 2009 as an SME to develop products specifically for Mining. He spent more than five years in Product Management for Integraph Smart 3D, focusing on Material Handling Equipment (MHE), visiting various customers across the globe for trainings, consulting and presales. Praveen is currently the Presales Manager for Hexagon’s PPM division in India, driving key developments and deals for the local market. He is based out of Hyderabad, India. Connect with Praveen via LinkedIn.

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