Enhancing Predictability at the Expo 2018

GetSmart! Blog talked with Martin van Vliet, Vice President Business Development EcoSys Europe, about his upcoming presentation at the Project Controls Expo 2018.

Hi, Martin! You are presenting at Project Controls Expo on Wednesday in London. Could you tell us a bit about the conference and your presentation?

Project Controls Expo is the largest international project controls event, taking place in London every year. The event is dedicated to advancement of project controls with the objective of providing significant practical and theoretical awareness on the related processes, tools and techniques.My presentation is addressing the common causes for low predictability of projects and the benefits of improving this.

Why is it so difficult for project teams to improve predictability?

There are multiple factors influencing the level of predictability in a project, but to put it simply, the key pillars of predictability are skilled people, integrated enterprise processes and sufficient level of automation. The lack of any of the above mentioned leads to issues with predictability, which in turn delays the ability to forecast and take corrective action. And this, as we have all seen too often, often leads to cost overruns and exceeded budgets.

Besides predictability, what do you see as key issues causing poor projects performance?

Some examples of the root causes of poor projects performance include:

  1. Insufficient attention is paid in the project management processes
  2. A siloed way of working in organization
  3. Being too optimistic about cost and schedule

Firstly, it is key to jointly choose and identify which processes to use prior to the start of the project. If this is not done, the lack of alignment leads to miscommunication, additional manual work and lowered visibility into the actual health and status of the project.

Secondly, in a siloed organization, different departments operate out of sync and are only responsible (and aware!) of their own small portion of the overall project. Understandably, this can lead to a lot of inefficiency, as communication flow and decision making are hindered by the lack of anoverall picture of the project status.

Being overly optimistic can result in early and inefficient use of contingency plans and lower the team’s possibility to take corrective action in time.

How can software solutions, such as Ecosys, facilitate these challenges and drive higher returns and margins?

Solutions like EcoSys will allow for more proactive and corrective decision making. This will give all relevant stakeholders access to early warnings of overruns, improve the confidence of the management teams, and allow progress being measured against predictability metrics in order to optimize the overall project performance.

Where can visitors find you during the Project Control Expo? 

We will be present at the Technology Zone at the Highbury Suite, stand number 15.

 Martin van Vliet
Vice President Business Development EcoSys Europe

Learn more about EcoSys and how to improve your project predictability by downloading our free information package “Accelerate Your Projects Performance“.

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