Enterprise Projects Performance

In the industrial world, poor performance doesn’t just “happen.” It’s a predictable consequence when decision makers fail to envision the scope of a project + plan accordingly + communicate sufficiently.

It’s understandable. Some projects are so large, they’re almost too big to see. Where does one begin? For starters, project controllers must deliver timely, accurate information to proactively shape business decisions.

These big projects typically have disparate data repositories: time sheets, asset management systems, procurement procedures. Many companies ultimately use Excel spreadsheets to reconcile these facts and figures. With the complex nature of some projects, the result is often wrought with mismatched data and inconsistencies.

Managing changes can be the most difficult aspect. Crucial questions arise: How did the variable affect the budget and the forecast? Were all changes accurately reported? Does the current budget and forecast reflect the change?

There is structure to guide this process. Project controls should about be creating scenarios, planning and analyzing the data of a project … not counting costs. Look forward … not back. Budgeting and forecasting must have standard benchmarks for determining success.

Enter EcoSys, the global standard for managing projects, portfolios and contracts with a web-based, holistic approach. EcoSys bridges the gap that has traditionally existed between planning and managing project execution.

This solution is invaluable to stakeholders across the project life cycle, from executives to project managers. And it is adaptable across all industries, from utilities to transportation to government infrastructure.

Better project controls = better projects.

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