Exploring Digital Transformation at the Hexagon PPM Asset Owner/Operator Roadshow

Hexagon PPM is organizing an Information Management Roadshow in Hoofddorp, theNetherlands, 29 November – 1 December. GetSmart Blog interviewed Adrian Park, VP for Information Management Business Development, to learn more about the event and the upcoming trends for asset information management.

 Hi, Adrian! You will be presenting during the upcoming Hexagon PPM Information Management Roadshow. Could you give us a little sneak peek to the key topics featured during the event?

The roadshow this year is incorporated into the autumn 2017 Information Management (IM) Technical User Forum meeting and dedicated to the launch of our new Intergraph Smart Digital Asset (SDA) offering. We will be presenting the newly released SDA Collaboration module and SDA Operations, as well as our interface with SAP that has recently been awarded SAP certification. We will discuss the roadmap for SDA and how existing SmartPlant Foundation, SmartPlant for Owner Operator, and Fusion customers are benefiting already from the work done for SDA, including the availability of the new zero footprint web client with the 2018 releases of our IM product portfolio.

As VP for IM Business Development with over 30 years of experience in enterprise engineering software and information management – what do you see as the key challenges when it comes to asset information management now?

Meeting the market demand for digital transformation across the global value chain and the expectation that all systems will be able to exchange information seamlessly and be available anywhere, anytime on any device.

And how can next-generation information management solutions, such as Intergraph Smart Digital Asset, facilitate these challenges?

With the 2018 release of our IM portfolio, we are including a new zero footprint web client for creating, updating, and 2D/3D viewing and navigation. This is a significant breakthrough and together with our SDA Collaboration offering, will enable advanced collaborative exchange and review of information between all project stakeholders wherever they are located. The “digital twin” of the facility can grow incrementally during a project and be handed off seamlessly to operations and maintained with SDA.

We are working on the next generation of our mobile apps which will bring information and electronic work processes to the construction and plant floor worker and reduce the risk of errors, improve safety, and increase efficiency.

The new ODATA4 RESTful web services we have sound very technical, but they are extremely important and will greatly simplify and speed the exchange information with other systems in the enterprise IT landscape. This will ensure consistency of information and enable the effective hand-off of work processes between previously siloed systems.

 What would you name as the next top three trends in asset information management?

  1. Emergence of the data-centric digital twin depicting the detailed configuration and documentation facilities and the leveraging of this with value-added work processes such as managing facility changes, work permit management, etc.
  2. Interoperability between IT systems in the Enterprise landscape with hand-off of information and work processes between systems
  3. Enterprise workforce mobility to bring information to worker’s mobile devices and enable them to execute their work in the field via highly focused mobile apps

 What are you personally looking forward to during the Hexagon PPM Information Management Roadshow?

 As always, meeting customers to hear what business issues they are facing and what ideas they have for where we should be focusing our efforts to improve our solutions.

Adrian Park

Vice President Business Development for Hexagon PPM Information Management Solutions

For more information about out our asset information solutions, you can download a free information package featuring a case study from Eskom, of the largest energy companies in the world. 


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