From Moon Launches to Shift Endings: Getting Them Safely Home

By Mattias Stenberg
President, Hexagon’s PPM division


Fifty years ago today, the lunar module carrying three astronauts splashed safely down in the Pacific Ocean, eight days after they were launched into space. It successfully concluded the first journey to land humans on another celestial body and return them home to planet Earth.

It’s almost inconceivable even in today’s era of technological advancements that the nearly 500,000-mile round trip could happen. We are proud at Hexagon PPM that our first steps tie back to that historic occasion.

We, too, are celebrating a milestone.

Two men – whose work with IBM helped create rocket technology – created a company in 1969 to provide intelligent graphics software running on enhanced terminals connected to host computers. The name of this company was M&S Computing, reflecting the initials of founders Jim Meadlock and Terry Schansman.

It was just down the road from NASA rocket propulsion operations in Huntsville, Alabama, that successfully launched Apollo 11.

It’s in our DNA to be innovative. We still hold onto that philosophy as we develop software solutions for industries that impact so many facets of life on Earth … from helping design and construct safe oil procurement/refining structures to networking process plant workers with the digital tools they need for injury-free operations.

The goal – much like the Apollo missions – is to get everyone safely home.

In the 50-year history of the company that became Intergraph and is now Hexagon PPM, countless technological discoveries have been made. We remain committed to thinking beyond what works now and to pushing the boundaries of the status quo.

To commemorate our golden anniversary, we’ve created a four-page timeline that highlights some of our corporate milestones in parallel and within the context of other global scientific breakthroughs.

You’ll see, it’s been a very busy 50-year stretch.

 Mattias Stenberg
As Hexagon PPM President, Mattias Stenberg is responsible for the global strategic direction and overall business development of the company. He has an MBA in economics from Linköping University and a degree in computer sciences from Stockholm University, both in Sweden.


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