From Product-centered Push to Outcome-based Conversation

Giving the Customers What They Need; Turning from Product-centered Communication to Outcome-based Conversation

Hexagon PPM has made a deliberate pivot to how we are addressing the customers segments and industries we serve. Our philosophy is to focus on customer-based outcomes that deliver the most measurable business benefits.

Over the next two months, we will be posting weekly blogs that delve more deeply into this practice.

By focusing on the outcomes, we can better partner with our customers by providing solutions that are targeted to help them achieve the results they require to deliver value and benefit to their shareholders. In the existing markets we serve today, we are working with our customers to define the outcomes that matter most.

With this, we are able to develop solution packaging based on proven technologies that our customers can take advantage of today. This approach changes the conversation from features and functions of a product to industry trends, financial impacts, operating KPIs and business processes that are important to our customers.

For new industry segments and markets, determining the important outcomes helps PPM understand the unique aspects and nuances that are impacting these industries or segments. This allows us to focus on defining solution packages that deliver value to these markets and for PPM to achieve growth in these areas.

Hexagon PPM is committed to partnering with our customers to bring proven solutions that allow them to succeed.

Thus far, our customer-based outcomes include:

• Connected Worker
• Shift Excellence
• Operational Twin
• Digital Fabricator
• Confident Startup
• Enterprise Project Performance
• Situational Awareness

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