Georg Fischer Piping Systems Releases Free Digital Libraries for Piping and Plant Design

Hi Mr. Heinrich! We’ve heard that you have some exciting news to announce: Georg Fischer Piping Systems has released free digital libraries for piping and plant design. Could you tell us a bit more about the initiative?

At GF Piping Systems, we always aim to assist our customers in designing better facilities by using our products efficiently. We also support our clients achieving cost savings by reducing rework onsite through better planning and design. Key on how to achieve this is the area of Digital Engineering services and expanded CAD offerings. Both of these contribute to efficiency gains for our customers; in addition it gives us the opportunity to bring our knowledge of complete thermoplastic piping solutions early in the project planning phase.

We are aware that our customers work with market leading software providers, such as Hexagon PPM, and we identified a need to provide our clients with the product specifications and information in a relevant format to be used in the Plant Design software.

How did you get started with creating these libraries? 

Information sharing is nowadays a critical element to success for any industry. By sharing key information and making product data available for the whole supply chain, our clients are maximizing digital cooperation and collaboration already during the early design phase. The main reasons behind creating these libraries jointly with the leading plant design software providers were the ability to enable information sharing and improve efficiency for our clients.

How have you cooperated with Hexagon PPM? 

Hexagon PPM helped us a lot with its expertise as a leading provider of design software tools that cover all aspects of a plant life cycle. By joining Hexagon PPM / Intergraph Partner Community in 2016, we already had excellent contact with the company. This collaboration between Georg Fischer Piping Systems and Hexagon PPM has helped both sides to strengthen our expertise and work jointly to bring our common interests together.

What are the benefits these free libraries offer to the industry?

As mentioned above, a key part of the cost savings offered by the libraries is the reduced need for rework onsite through better planning and design. We can see efficiency gains especially through easier modeling of various options and being able to assess the impact of different choices with the help of the intuitive software.

In addition, our customers can immediately access accurate GF Piping Systems data about plastic piping systems, which helps them identify possible errors early on, reduce costs, and improve the overall project performance.

Furthermore, creating these libraries has offered us a unique opportunity to meet qualified professionals in the industry who have a real need to improve their work processes. This helps us, together with our clients, improve the quality of thermoplastic components.

What do you see as the key industry trends for piping and plant design in the future?

It is clear that we need better interoperability and collaboration, as interoperability issues within piping and plant design are still a known issue. In addition, very large and complex models and specific data formats are difficult to optimize for efficient management. Improving this requires bringing in new productivity and better quality for the complete user workflow.

We’ve seen lately how the trend of more collaborative BIM processes is contributing to efficiency gains. This will not only lead to better interoperability and reduced design errors, but it also unites everyone in the supply chain. To aim for faster, more efficient project delivery is not a new trend, but with the rise of more design collaborative BIM software in combination with cloud technologies, these goals can finally be tackled to improve piping and plant design in the future.

Wolfgang Heinrich

Manager Global Digital Services at Georg Fischer

GF Piping Systems develops, produces and markets a comprehensive range of piping systems and components in a variety of materials used worldwide to transport water and gases.

You can download the free GF digital libraries at

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