Going Beyond at the Expo

Hexagon PPM is attending at the upcoming Project Controls Expo in London on November 16. GetSmart! Blog met with Mark White, Senior VP, Global Business Development Hexagon PPM, to talk about the event and the latest developments in projects performance.

Hi Mark! Could you give us a little sneak peek to your presentation at the Expo? 

My presentation is titled “Enterprise Projects Performance: Going Beyond Project Controls”. During the session, I will showcase the three products of our EcoSys Enterprise Projects Performance platform – EcoSys Portfolios, EcoSys Projects and EcoSys Contracts – and how their interaction creates unparalleled visibility. Attendees will see how improved enterprise projects performance is driven by:

  1. The alignment of strategic decision making with tactical, real-time project intelligence
  2. Proper prioritization, selection, and management of project portfolios from inception through execution to close out
  3. Controlling projects through standardization based on best practices
  4. Real-time visibility into forecasts and trends,including drill-down into underlying causes.

What are you most looking forward to during the conference?

We’ve been a sponsor of the event for years now, but this is my first opportunity to attend. It creates a great concentration of project controls experts, so I’m really looking forward to talking with the other attendees and hearing what issues they’re facing today.

At the same time, I’m excited to share how we’ve expanded the canvas of EcoSys to help address the issues we’ve been hearing. How our new broader approach to achieving full life cycle projects performance – where we fully integrate strategic decision making with tactical project delivery – can improve returns and margins.

What do you see as the biggest challenges when it comes to full life cycle projects performance? Why do certain industries (such as construction) continue to struggle to deliver projects on time and on budget?

Performance connotes both delivery and excellence, not only for projects but for your entire company.  Projects is deliberately plural because you can’t make giant improvements in performance by executing one project at a time.  You have to select the right projects, then execute all of them in a standard manner based on industry best practices.

And yet, there’s a complexity to engineering and construction projects that causes so many of them to struggle. Often there are challenges that exist at an organization level – not just for a particular project. Siloed data creates a lack of visibility into performance, requiring time consuming, manual processes to extract the information you need. This slows decision making and impedes organizations from being as agile and proactive as it should when your operating environment demands change.

What is the role of projects performance software, such as EcoSys, in supporting successful project delivery?

We must enable the success of our customers – driving greater returns for asset owners or greater margins for those delivering on projects. The root of these gains can be summed up with the phrase “Efficient Predictability and Control.”

We deliver Efficiency through standardization and automation to ensure you optimize your projects resources, avoiding the cost of bloated teams. You’ll also reduce the risk of high levels of attrition caused when good people are frustrated by bad systems. Efficiency is easier to measure, but the smaller benefit.

The really significant gains come with improved Predictability and Controls, i.e. knowing your processes will maximize the chances of picking the right project, then delivering it in accordance with a sound plan to lock in the planned value. Integration and automation create visibility. Then, increased visibility changes behaviors.

For instance, it reduces the effect of optimism bias in managers, the belief that a bad situation will get better before the end of the project. By shining a light on what must be done today, by institutionalizing standard processes based on best practices, you can avoid lost opportunities to maximize returns and margins and ultimately optimize business performance.

What are the key new features of EcoSys 8?

The most significant aspect of EcoSys 8 is how everything happens in one platform: the same browser-based and mobile applications connected to only one database. When you select from a list of projects in Portfolios, it’s the same list in Projects and Contracts, meaning no need for integration between products. The best part is the automatic recycling of data. No more rummaging through boxes of old projects to find benchmarks for estimating. It’s all built in!

Additionally, we continue to enhance long-standing features of EcoSys, like our built-in Business Intelligence engine. End-users create theirown dashboards and ad-hoc reports in an improved Graphical User Interface (GUI) to address their needs without hiring consultants or relying on an additional thirrd party software purchase.

Where can visitors find you during the Project Controls Expo? 

We will be present at the Technology Zone at the Champions Suite, stand number 15.

Mark White is Senior VP of Business Development at Hexagon PPM. He has a career spanning 28 years with a background in quantity surveying, project controls, and product development. He spent most of his career with Faithful+Gould, a world leading project management and controls consultancy. Since 2012 he’s beenwith EcoSys, now Hexagon PPM, in the role of sales executive, working directly with many large owner/Operator around the world.

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