GT STRUDL Webinar: Building Accurate Models Part 2


with Dr. Leroy Emkin, CADWorx and Analysis Solutions

Date: November 5, 2014
Time: 10:00AM CDT  Click here for your local time
Duration: 1 hr.
Cost: free eSeminar

View the recorded webinar here

GT STRUDL is not just a structural analysis package but an integrated package that performs finite element analysis, non-linear baseplate analysis, offshore analysis, and a host of other advanced features in addition to the structural analysis.

During this presentation, the following will be discussed:

  • Finite Element Analysis of structure models consisting of assemblages of 7 member types (constant or variable cross-section), and a large library of conventional, isoparametric, hybrid-stress and special transition finite element types formulated to address problems in plane stress, plane strain, pure plate bending, stretching & bending shell (including Mindlin formulations), solid, and axisymmetric problems.
  • Non-Linear Base Plate Modeling & Analysis utilizing a graphical user interface to create finite element models of base plates and their associated steel member attachments, anchors, cutouts, bearing surfaces, support joint constraint conditions, stiffening plates, nonlinear spring supports, loading conditions, and other attributes, and then performing nonlinear static and dynamic analysis.
  • Offshore Analysis & Design of offshore structures including automatic generation of sea environment loadings including wind pressure forces, current and wave hydrodynamic forces, based on a variety of wave kinematic theories that allow for accurate description of sea state conditions;  nonlinear soil-pile-structure interaction, fatigue analysis of tubular joints utilizing deterministic, discrete and power spectral density procedures, ISO/API/Norwegian Code Checking and design including hydrostatic collapse and localized Punching shear checks, simulation of marine operations including jacket/structure launching, upending & stability simulations, transportation and hydrostatic stability of floating bodies, and other robust GTSTRUDL relevant numerical procedures such as dynamic analysis methods and limiting plastic and ductility evaluations by Pushover analysis methods.

Join us to find out more about GT STRUDL and how it can benefit you.

Speakers’ bios:

Dr.Leroy Z. Emkin
Dr. Leroy Emkin was the Founder and Co-Director of the Computer Aided Structural Engineering (“CASE”) Center at Georgia Tech, and is currently Executive Technical Director, GTSTRUDL at Hexagon. GTSTRUDL is a comprehensive, powerful and highly integrated CAE system for frame and finite element analysis and structural design. GTSTRUDL is among the most successful and well known software products of its kind in the world, and is used by thousands of structural engineers worldwide.

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