GT STRUDL Webinar: Mastering Modeling, Analysis, and Design

Aristidis Papachristidis

with Dr. Aristidis Papachristidis, Hexagon PPM

Date: May 2, 2018
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: free eSeminar

View the recorded webinar here

GT STRUDL 2018 targets three primary areas of modeling, analysis, and design eXperiences for greater efficiency and collaboration. Register to attend our upcoming webinar and learn how the 2018 Modeling eXperience focuses on the Base Plate Wizard, GTMENU, and CADModeler.

Session highlights will include a deeper dive into CADModeler and the Report Builder. The CADModeler portion will cover new ribbon additions and model checking, soil spring placement and physical members refinements, and a results display. The Report Builder discussion will show how to apply filters, perform image management, and create a better report. For a complete detailed list of updates, please refer to the GT STRUDL 2018 Release Guide.

Join us in this webinar as our experts explore how the enhancements to GT STRUDL CADModeler and Report Builder help you save time by obtaining results faster than before.

Speaker bio:

Dr. Aristidis Papachristidis has 15 years of structural engineering experience in the analysis and design of various special purpose highly critical structures, such as nuclear power plant facilities and pipe support systems, general industrial structures, large commercial buildings, bridge structures, geotechnical structures and tunnel structures.

He is experienced in the application of GT STRUDL to a wide variety of structural engineering problems. Authorized for GT STRUDL Training and Technical Support, together with his staff of experienced structural engineers, he provides full-service technical support in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, including GT STRUDL user training (introductory and advanced topics) and structural engineering consulting related to GT STRUDL use.

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