Helping Build a Better Construction Industry

The hesitancy of construction professionals to adopt technology into their work processes has been a challenge for those of us involved in creating digital transformation solutions.

It’s difficult to revolutionize an entire industry’s longtime workflow, but we remain committed to helping our customers realize how automation and digitalization can be implemented on their projects to save time, money and risk.

And because we can now bundle procurement, fabrication, scheduling, project management and everything else in the construction life cycle into user-friendly software, we are seeing more customers embrace a modern-day work site. Also, as there is a continued shortage of skilled construction labor – nearly 250,000 construction jobs are unfilled in the United States alone – projects now demand that every advantage possible be considered.

The first effect of improved labor productivity – or tool time – is one hour per day, as reported by our elite customer base which has digital information available at the right time right and in the right place.  Also, rework has been seen below the company average for digital executed projects.

Other financial outcomes from the productive labor game plan include:

  • Reduced stock wastage and reduced rework nets .5 percent savings
  • $9 million saved per each $100 million of construction
  • Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) improved by 10 to 20 percent

McKinsey & Company asserts that construction projects are accelerating their investment in technology, including digital twin platforms, reality-capture solutions, superior 3D design and models. Actually, investment in such technologies has doubled in the past decade.

Hexagon PPM is playing a major role where these investments are happening and will continue to happen. ConstrucTech recently affirmed of our status in this transformation; our Intergraph Smart® Construction is on its 2019 Top Products list, noting that this trusted technology has been enhanced.

And it’s not just about construction. It’s about creating a digital twin for the entire project – the workflow from design to asset management and all the steps in between. We’ve proven we can be part of the customer’s entire journey.

 Mattias Stenberg, President

Mattias Stenberg
As Hexagon PPM President, Mattias Stenberg is responsible for the global strategic direction and overall business development of the company. He has an MBA in economics from Linköping University and a degree in computer sciences from Stockholm University, both in Sweden.


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