Hexagon Elevates O&M Capabilities with j5 Acquisition

Today is the kind of day that I love … the day we announce yet another carefully selected acquisition that will aid Hexagon PPM’s quest to provide software solutions across the lifecycle of large industrial assets.

Joining us is United Kingdom-headquartered j5 International, a market-leading developer of operations management software that ensures safe, efficient, compliant operations of industrial sites. Specifically, j5 improves communication and data collection for oil, gas and power clientele – which represent some of Hexagon PPM’s legacy customers –  where lost productivity due to accidents is a concern.

j5 solutions create a smoother shift handover and other critical operation processes that keep workers safe and productive.

Both entities will benefit from the other’s strengths; j5’s owner operator customer base will have exposure to Hexagon’s “digital twin” capture and management capabilities that can revolutionize their processes, and j5’s applications will significantly enhance the value of our HxGN SDx portfolio.

The synergy here is profound.

As we continue to preach the digital transformation gospel, this acquisition will expand how engineering data and documentation are created, maintained and viewed throughout the facility lifecycle.
By combining our software portfolios, customers can incorporate real-time situational awareness of facility operations into their digitaltwin, which is imperative for continuously improving the operations and maintenance of complex facilities.

Safer. Better. More efficient. We think j5 will fit right in.

 Mattias Stenberg
As Hexagon PPM President, Mattias Stenberg is responsible for the global strategic direction andoverall business development of the company. He has an MBA in economics from Linköping University and a degree in computer sciences from Stockholm University, both in Sweden.


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