Hexagon Releases GT STRUDL 2020; productivity tools enable engineers’ project success

Hexagon has released the newest version of GT STRUDL, Hexagon’s trusted structural analysis and design solution. With these exciting new updates, you can streamline and simplify your project execution.

These enhancements start with a newly redesigned launcher that provides not only an easy way to begin in the functional area that best fits your workflow and preferences, but also provides a one-stop location to find resources or technical documentation about GT STRUDL.

This release also adds the powerful DXF converter to CADModeler, allowing for the near-instantaneous creation of a usable analysis model, saving engineers valuable time and reducing the likelihood of manual errors.

The addition of datasheets to all three User Interfaces available in GT STRUDL 2020, helps engineers quickly and easily create, review and edit joints, members and finite elements in a spreadsheet-like environment, providing easy navigation and editing for projects of all shapes and sizes.

For projects where piping loads need to be applied to the structure, GT STRUDL 2020 can not only directly read the support loads from CAESAR II, but also compare these loads throughout the iterative design process, greatly reducing the time required for manual coordination, data entry, and eliminating the possibility of errors in manual transcription. Additionally, there’s easy visual coordination with the piping and design departments via the new ability to bring piping geometry from CAESAR II for viewing and coordination of piping loads without affecting the analysis.

GT STRUDL 2020 enables engineers to automatically generate Wind and Seismic loads in all three user interfaces, allowing them to reduce a task that could take hours to now take only minutes. Additionally, engineers can apply area loads graphically in GT Menu, reducing the effort required to assign loading to large areas.

As design codes become more complex, so do the analysis requirements to complete a project. GT STRUDL 2020 reduces the effort required of engineers to get the proper results and will also reduce the analysis run time. Engineers are now able to automatically calculate transfer forces for coordination with connection designers and fabricators.

Our product team is committed and focused on providing easy to use and powerful analysis solutions with streamlined workflows for your projects.
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Hexagon PPM GT STRUDL Overview 2020 Video


Ravi Ozarker
Ravi is the GT STRUDL product owner for Hexagon’s PPM division. As a structural engineer and engineering software developer for the past 14 years, Ravi has worked for a variety of organizations in different roles, including consulting engineering, government agencies, software companies, EPCs and more. He has a bachelor of applied science in civil engineering from the University of Waterloo, Canada, and is a licensed professional engineer in Texas and Ontario.

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