How CAESAR II Supports Traditional and Non-Traditional Industries Diversify Pipe Analysis

CAESAR II is the industry-leading pipe flexibility and stress analysis solution. It can model both static loadings and dynamic transient events, saving users time and resources. The solution is very easy to use, with little practice required before you get into the swing of it. In any industry where there are piping systems, CAESAR II can analyze the loads and cross-check in accordance with 35 international piping code standards and environmental and equipment guidelines, giving you peace of mind of your analysis and loads and improve your workflows. 

As the benefits of utilizing CAESAR II continue to grow, the industries which are discovering the benefits also increase. The power industry is one that is transforming, with pressure to become greener and more environmentally focused. By 2040, the global demand for fuel & power will be four times what it was in 1990s, according to a 2019 PWC Energy and Utilities Report. With this in mind, reducing downtime and optimizing analysis and process is key to remaining competitive, efficient and reducing the carbon footprint of the project.

Clean energy production can be supported by CAESAR II, with thermo-solar customers utilizing the solution for the analysis of their pipework, which carries high-temperature steam to create green energy.  

A non-traditional CAESAR II industry that we have seen an increasing number of projects in is the biopharmaceutical industry. Whilst piping in the biopharmaceutical industry doesn’t reach as high temperatures and pressures as for example power, critical biopharmaceutical work is being carried out which must adhere to standards and guidelines.

Failure of piping would cause significant issues and compromise standardization of work, so analysis to ensure workflow and productivity is paramount. 

Ready to find out more about CAESAR II? Learn more from the overview video of our newest release, CAESAR II 12.


Duncan McElrue
With over 16 years of experience as a scientist for the UK Defence Industry before retraining as a technology specialist, Duncan has a passion for helping customers’ projects become reality. Focusing on customer support, he helps Hexagon’s PPM division’s customers gain the maximum benefit and value from their investment in the CAESAR II, PV Elite, Visual Vessel Design and TANK analysis solutions. 



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