How Can You Address Your Handover Challenges?


Gregg Valdés & Associates provides specialized engineering document and data management services for the oil and gas industry, from development of major capital projects to the operations phase and brownfield projects. The company has delivered efficiency benefits which result from easy access to equipment tag data and linking to engineering and vendor documentation.

In this video, Andrew Gregg shares the way of ensuring that documents are efficiently gathered and grouped at the right time, providing greater quality of information and reducing the cost of handover to operations.

“I think the most significant change in technology, really, is the increased sophistication of the tools, such as Hexagon’s tools, for gathering documents and data during the project and for easing the handover to operations,” Gregg said. “For me, the tool set, the Hexagon tool set for gathering, organizing and validating information during theproject, and then handing over, as required to operations, is the biggest change I’ve seen.”

Download our handover specifications information to learn even more.

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