How Can You Get More Mileage Out of SmartPlant Instrumentation?

Register for the November 1 webinar. 

Do you sometimes ask yourself, “How can I do this faster and easier?”

We tend to stay in our comfort zone, always using the same work practices. With that, we miss out on some new and unknown capabilities. In this GetSmart! Webinar, we will show you some expertise in SmartPlant Instrumentation (SPI) that will improve your productivity and make it easier to execute the design work. In this webinar, we will discuss new SPI capabilities as well as practices our customers have shared with us.

Some items we will address are:

  • NEW Complimentary Efficiency Enhancer
  • Engineering Data Editor’s (EDE’s) boost in performance
  • NEW Explorer’s revamp (mainly SPI’s Domain and Reference explorers)
  • Personalized work environment
  • NEW “Quick search capability” that is now a fraction of the clicks

Please join us to see how you can get more out of SPI and streamline your work processes.


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