How Does 30% Reduction in Project Costs Sound?


IHI E&C International is a technology company in Houston, Texas, with the capabilities to deliver competitive solutions across the project life cycle.

It began using Hexagon PPM products in 2013 and started its transition to Intergraph Smart 3D within the past year, which is allowing it to integrate with SmartPlant Foundation for a model-centric application and connect modules for greater productivity in engineering.

One of the best benefits, according to company engineering VP John Coffin, is that the project team “is starting to really talk together and collaborate.”

“We are starting our transformation into a digital environment,” Coffin said. “Hexagon PPM is part of that transformation.

“We are targeting that integrated delivery system to help us be more competitive and to really drive down the costs that we need tobe competitive in the capital market field.”


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