How Efficiently are You Managing Your Bill of Materials and Requisitions?

Senior Product Manager – Intergraph Smart Materials

When procurement costs account for a large portion of project costs, any improvement to the process is important. Accuracy and efficiency are vital in the Bill of Materials (BOM) process, from purchase requisitions to purchase orders through fulfillment, proper handling the BOM is best done through effective materials management.

Any cost savings have a huge impact, and procurement efficiency can lead to having a competitive edge. A materials management system that handles changes in BOM via requisitions is an advantage.

Intergraph Smart Materials can manage BOMs and requisitions; it turns dynamic engineering information into stable data usable for a procurement department.

Join me in our latest installment of the Materials Management Made Easy series, Change Management with BOM and Requisitioning.


Headshot, Jameeruddin 

Jameeruddin is the senior product manager for Intergraph Smart Materials, an ERP solution. He works at the Hexagon Capability Center India in Hyderbad. Contact Jameeruddin on LinkedIn


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