How S.M.A.R.T. is your BIM?

How does a company that wants to undergo digital transformation in building information modeling (BIM) go about independently assessing its BIM iQ and digital maturity?

BIM quotient is the measurement of BIM capability and capacity to optimize projects over their lifecycle. Our AEC industry consultants at Hexagon’s PPM division can help evaluate your current state of work against defined S.M.A.R.T. (Systematized, Modeled, Aware, Reality, Temporal) BIM metrics and make recommendations that increase project efficiency as measured from Level BIM 0-3.

Hexagon wants to be your trusted partner on your digital transformation journey. While meeting with your stakeholders, we can conduct a BIM-iQ Assessment Workshop to measure your quotient to see how intelligent your BIM is and derive your BIM-iQ to help your organization discover its digital maturity. Following the workshop, you and your organization will receive a roadmap for accelerating digital transformation and adoption.

Digital transformation is an integral part of your business strategy and processes. Digital adoption will improve collaboration and reduce costs in project design, construction and delivery. Creating an environment that enables early decision-making prevents expensive issues during construction. Digital maturity cannot be reached through technology only; it is reached through a combination of people, process and technology.

Many industry leaders identify the need for a digital readiness strategy. This requires top-down executive support to succeed. Digital adoption changes the way we work. Applying digital transformation creates opportunities for your organization to develop innovative project delivery methods and improve profitability.

The transformation to digital practices will influence People – which may include new or different staffing needs; Processes – different ways of collaborating and working; and Technology – to make use of best and next practices readily implemented in new technology.

Register for our webinar on Tuesday, April 29, 2021, at 2 p.m. EDT to learn how you can use more of your data efficiently to increase your decision-making capabilities. Streamline your workflows and reduce wasted processes through total integration of people, process and technology to include software, hardware and sensors. Increase your project profitability through data transparency, accountability rules and project analysis. Build a S.M.A.R.T. foundation for autonomous project delivery.

Join our webinar and learn:
• The critical metrics involved in assessing a BIM implementation plan
• The importance of leveraging workflows as part of BIM maturity
• A programmatic approach to measuring the health of your BIM strategy

Meet the Presenters


Brian Moura | Connect on LinkedIn
Global Marketing Program Manager – AEC, Hexagon


Daron Pardine | Connect on LinkedIn
Senior Industry Consultant – AEC, Hexagon


DJ Weymouth, CHC, CM-BIM, LSSYB | Connect on LinkedIn
Senior Industry Consultant – AEC, Hexagon
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Brian Moura
Brian is an experienced corporate marketing, sales, consulting services and engineering professional with more than 39 years working with engineering systems supporting the AEC industry. He has worked on design teams in: wastewater treatment, petrochemical, fossil fuel and nuclear power plant, product design and manufacturing facilities, utilities, biotech, pharmaceutical and government lab facilities and transportation. He is degreed in computer aided drafting and design, graduating Suma Cum Laude from Johnson and Wales University and is also certified in mechanical engineering technology, graduating Suma Cum Laude from Sawyer School. 
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