How to Grow Your Digital Enterprise

In our most recent issue of Insight magazine, we explore how one of the most painless ways to minimize risk and rework while cutting costsis to grow your digital enterprise. Too often, the human element sullies data.

With digitalization, information is accessible by everyone, at all times.

Using legacy Hexagon PPM solutions – such as SmartPlant Fusion, SmartPlant Foundation, and SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operator – this information can be trusted as being up-to-date and available to all.

With the new Intergraph Smart Digital Asset | Collaboration Module, EPCs and owner Operator alike will be confident they are genuinely communicating throughout the planning, reviewing, and building process while securely sharing relevant information. Because this information is created digitally, the “digital twin” of the plant grows incrementally throughout the project and will already exist for the owner operator at handover.

Read this article about how to keep safe those things you value most … your information and your people’s access to it. You’ll also find links to videos that show how our customers are upping their game with Hexagon PPM’s Asset Information Management solutions.

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