Informed Purchasing: How to Decide Where to Buy

By Maurizio Granata
Business Development Executive, Hexagon PPM

When in purchasing mode, choices are great, right? Choices give us the chance to compare quality, price and delivery options.

And when you’re buying materials as varied and exhaustive as mega construction projects require, the importance of getting the best of all three is imperative. It can mean the difference in a project’s success or its failure.

The process begins with the buyer taking ownership of the engineering requisitions released from the technical department. From there, the buyer will issue thousands of bids to a variety of vendors, always seeking the best deal while maintaining quality and schedule.

That’s a huge job. And now, the people doing that job have access to some amazing help. Intergraph Smart Materials allows vendors to qualify their products and services through a portal, and then standard functionality enable the buyer to interact with those vendors as a whole or within subsets. This maximizes digital cooperation and collaboration, streamlines the purchasing experience and allows the buyer to lower the price for a given quality and schedule, for either goods or services.

Simply put, our customers who adopt the Hexagon PPM procurement system have all the information needed on one platform to make the absolute best decisions when securing the materials they need.

Smart Materials is the first choice to make when facing thousands of materials decisions across the life of a project. Learn more about Hexagon’s procurement system here.


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Maurizio Granata
Maurizio Granata is the business development executive forHexagon PPM . He focuses on digital transformation for project execution and performance management. He has provided information technology consulting and related services to EPCs and owner Operator, as well as products development support to Intergraph Smart Solutions. Maurizio has published numerous expert papers and delivered well-received contributions as a speaker to International Conferences across the region. Contact him on LinkedIn


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