CADWorx Webinar: Innovative Design & Analysis in 2016

Mitch Sklar Michael_Smith

with Mitch Sklar and Michael Smith, Hexagon

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: free eSeminar

View the recorded webinar here

Session 1 – Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Session 2 – Thursday, December 10, 2015

Innovative Design & Analysis (IDA) – is it the industry’s new tagline for what some folks call advanced framing?

Or maybe, IDA is just a way of working smarter that will allow us to increase our efficiency while maintaining structural integrity and uniformity.

Efficiency is an important aspect of our everyday design processes and one that’s a concern for many firms. It’s a simple fact in the construction industry that using less translates into material, labor, and erection savings. IDA is not a new process, but rather an idea for performing the same process in a smarter way.

Changing the way you do business is never a task to be undertaken lightly, especially when current processes and procedures “appear” to work well or “just” get the project done. Adopting an IDA approach will help your firm reduce project time/schedule to complete, increase your accuracy, and promote visibility. This will create cost savings that will ultimately lead to a competitive advantage gain.

Please join Mitch Sklar and Michael Smith as we look at the year in review and see what is next for CADWorx & Analysis Solutions in 2016, including CADWorx, CAESAR II, PV Elite, TANK, Visual Vessel Design, and GT STRUDL.

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