Is Intergraph Smart Cloud as Secure as On-Prem?


The thought of moving to the cloud can provoke strong reactions and concerns within the Enterprise. It’s only natural to wonder about security when considering a move of your most valuable data outside the corporate castle walls.

But in today’s always-on mobile world, applications and data must be accessible where and when they can create business value. The physical location of servers and systems is less important than the processes and practices used to manage information security.

In this video, Dr. Alex Heublein, Vice President of Cloud Services at Hexagon PPM, addresses the misconception that the cloud is less secure than traditional deployments. He explains how IntergraphSmart® Cloud is designed to mitigate security threats, the unique advantages of having Hexagon PPM experts operating Intergraph Smart and SmartPlant software in the cloud, and the external validation earned from audits and penetration tests.

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