Jump Start Your Journey to Digital Fabrication

Technology has made it easier to keep up with nearly all of the logistical components of our daily lives. Calendar notifications, news alerts, traffic forecasting … our devices walk us through every step of the day.

Advancements in tracking have even enabled us to follow the movements of our purchases, from check out to receipt to delivery.

So why can’t fabrication processes have the same visibility?

Fabrication is vital, but it is often overlooked from high-level process planning. With better use of available digital information, this step can influence both engineering and construction. Companies that enable their workforce to be Digital Fabricators can achieve major efficiency gains and have complete transparency with the process.

Register for our Wednesday, Aug. 28, webinar, “Jump Start Your Journey to Digital Fabrication,” at 10 a.m. (EST) to learn how to put this process to work for you.


  • How digitizing your fabrication process can transform your shop into an ultra-efficient operation with improved productivity, reduced waste and full visibility
  • Why better visibility means happier workers and better bottom lines
  • How to take the first steps towards enabling your workforce to become digital fabricators

Marcel Veldhuizen is the vice president of fabrication solutions at Hexagon PPM since 1997 in several marine-related positions. With the acquisition of Nestix Oy by Hexagon PPM in 2016, Marcel transitioned into a managing director position, overseeing daily operations at the Nestix Oy office inFinland. Marcel, along with the Nestix Oy team, helps provide Industry 4.0 Shop Floor Management Solutions to steel service centers and construction businesses, as well as steel and piping solutions for shipyards around the world.

David Whittle
is the senior business development manager at Hexagon PPM. He is based in Middlewich, Cheshire, United Kingdom. He is responsible for the global development of the fabrication market and product line business plans as well as marketing programs to support sales. He has a wealth of knowledge within engineering, design and fabrication in general and specializes in piping.

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